Porsche 911 Targa

1968 soft-window 911 Targa found without an engine and unrestored on the US East Coast. 

Carefully restored to its full beauty inside and outside, and electrified.

Powered by a 120V-150HP electric twin-engine coupled to the original manual gearbox, keeping the original car's spirit.

Jaguar E-Type

1967 E-type, one of the last Series 1 made, in a 2+2 arrangement, originally with automatic transmission.

Currently being restored and upgraded with selected performance features.

Still with its original 4.2L engine, but waiting for a Tesla engine to elevate the vehicle's performance to new levels.

Defender 110, TD5

2003 young timer and iconic off-road vehicle, found originally in a snow track version and without engine. 

Currently in the final stages of the restoration and upgrade process. 

Equipped with a Tesla engine, elevating the performance of the car both on the road and off-road.

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