Who are we

My name is Josef and I am the founder of Elevate Classic. Mechanical engineer and physicist by training, former long time advisor and coach to executives of global companies, I now focus my work on things I am truly passionate about, and Elevate Classic is one of them.
My passion for classic cars started in 2019, when I acquired my first classic car, a 1960 Austin Healey 3000 Mark I, which everyone in the family quickly learnt to love. 

The idea of Elevate Classic was born onea year later, in a discussion with my children and my wife. Especially my oldest daughter kept persistently asking why it has to be that old cars burn fuel, smell so bad, and pollute the environment. 

The discussion triggered thinking, especially as I was already trying to square the passion for classic cars with my sense of responsibility for the environment and what we can do to preserve it. Elevate Classic is my humble intend to help solving this challenge by making classic cars cleaner, while preserving their beauty and elegance. 

I live in Vienna, together with my wife and our four children. Beyond classic cars and Elevate Classic, I am passionate about outdoor, mountains, sailing, running, and cycling. I love to share a good bottle of wine with friends, and some might consider me a good cook. I tend to start (and finish) my days early, and keep work confined to Monday-Thursday. As I am not a big fan of office work, you find me working between home, numerous coffee places nearby, and the shops we convert our cars in. 

Needless to say I love to drive and travel :-)


Elevate Classic works with a selection of trusted partners. We share similar values, and have been through some intense times together.

Classics Unlimited

Proven address in Vienna for professional and customer-centric classic vehicle restoration, service and care, and classic car sourcing. Owned and led by Reinhard, who was born a petrol head, and who is a car, motorbike, and racing enthusiast. 

Steadfast Classics

Classic car shop boutique in a mountain village near Vienna with particular skills and experience in automotive electronics, software, and hardware. Owned and led by Daniel, who is British-car, and an off-road (in particular Defender) enthusiast. 

Retter Manufaktur

Retter offers end-to-end restoration services for all types of traditional off-road vehicles, specialising on Defender. Owned and led by Pascal and his wife Maria. They are both enthusiastic about outdoor and nature, and run a great mechanical shop team.  

EV Shop

Our core partner in sourcing the electric drive-train components, as well as our partner for technology innovation, software, integration, and beyond. Owned and led by Marc, who is an enthusiastic EV-car racer, and who helped to electro-convert many vehicles already.